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whole salmon

Cured (Or Smoked) Salmon

Salmon is the star of any PNW meal, and this cured version is bound to impress. Cured salmon, or gravlax, translates as salmon grave. In the Middle Ages salmon was …

/ February 5, 2019
raw steak

How To Cook A Steak To Perfection

It can be intimidating to know how to confidently cook a steak to perfection. But once you understand what is happening and a few basic rules, you can cook a …

/ January 20, 2019
Whole raw chicken

How To Break Down A Chicken

Here is a simple, step-by-step guide to breaking down whole chickens. Over the years I have seen many different ways of butchering a chicken.  When I was a child, I …

/ January 5, 2019
Mini fish pie

Mini Fish Hand Pies

Make these mini fish hand pies the star of your next dinner. We’ve hosted many lovely dinners in our backyard over the years, mostly at the request of friends and …

/ August 10, 2016
Beet, Tarragon, & Garlic Mayonnaise

Making Mayonnaise At Home

Mayonnaise is one of the last store bought staples. No one even thinks of making it. When I first told my wife that I never wanted to buy it from …

/ July 9, 2016